colorful day!

I'm preparing for a presentation tonight - on color confidence (how to get it and use it). It's my favorite presentation because I love color and I find that it's one of the main things my clients (and my friends) struggle with.

If you are interested in color and want to learn more about the terms to describe it, pick up a color wheel at your local craft store...they are great little tools. Or, visit www.colorwheelco.com to buy one online (only $7).

The wheel "
teaches color relationships by organizing colors in a circle so you can visualize how they relate to each other."

color wheel

If you are in the Columbia, MD area please join me tonight for the FREE presentation - click here for details.

I was hoping to show you pictures of my latest painting project (to SHOW you how the right color can wake up a room), but my camera broke. Just stopped working. So, instead of taking pictures to post for you, I am shopping for a new camera on the quick!

Keep your fingers crossed that I can find a new camera SOON and stay tuned for more color here. And, as always, click on comment to tell me something, anything! Hey, how about your favorite colors? And why?

Happy decorating!

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