Shh...two big decorating secrets

If you are looking for ways to change a room in your home I can tell you about two things that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. These are the top two tools in the decorating bag of secrets....you can keep a secret, right?

The number one thing that makes the biggest impact in decorating a room is furniture placement. Seems simple enough, huh? But wow, it can really, really make your room look brand new.

See for yourself what difference moving your furniture around can make.

sm before living

before there were three large pieces, each pushed against a wall

Living room after

after, we removed a chair and rearranged the sofa and love seat and created a new space!

Because I'm feeling generous today (it is the first day of spring after all!), let me share another inexpensive change you can make—color! Again, not rocket science here, but painting your room instantly (well, it may take a few days...) creates a brand new space.

You know what they say about a picture...

window b4 sm

before the walls were peach with a border

window after

after, Sherwin Williams' Tansy Green livens up this room

Now that you have these secrets I only ask two things of you — don't tell anyone (that's why they call them secrets, right) and tell/show me how you are going to use this valuable information!

Happy decorating.


Kathleen Ellis said...

I'm sorry April...these are just too good not to tell...I'm trying to get Oprah on the phone right now...I'll give you partial credit, of course!

April Force Pardoe said...

Very funny Kathleen! When you have her on the phone can you ask her if I can have tickets to see the show soon? :)