Free subscription anyone?

Hi all,
This is not design-related, but an exciting technology update. Okay, it's not new technology, but it's new to me.

You can now subscribe to my blog posts. Better than Cosmo or People, it's free and full of valuable decorating information and ramblings. This basically means you can sign up for my new blog posts to come to directly to you via email. 

It's easy! Look for the "subscribe to my blog" option in the left column and click on the link below. Once there, enter my blog address (afpinteriors.blogspot.com) and your email address and now you will receive my posts automatically (versus me sending them out).

I hope this isn't too much technology for some of you...if you do subscribe please let me know and I will take you off of my email list so you don't receive my postings twice. Also, send me any questions and if I haven't already asked you too many times—please SHARE my blog.

Didn't your parents always tell you to share—it's the nice thing to do!

Happy feeding and sharing!

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