Managing jewels

I love costume jewelry. It's like ties for women. 

I had a recent comment from someone who needs advice on how to store her ever-growing collection of jewelry. I ran into that problem a few years ago too. Here are two possible solutions.

I ended up getting a kitchen storage bin (one used in drawers for large utensils) that slid open/closed to create more or less storage space. I put this in one of my dresser drawers and used it for my overflow. The great thing about it is that the large openings work great for the chunky pieces that weren't fitting in my jewelry case anymore.

There is another idea that I also like. If you have wall space in your room or closet this looks and works great and is affordable. Take a bulletin board (size depends on your wall space and jewelry collection size) and cover it with beautiful fabric (in addition to going to fabric stores, there's a great online site that I've used...I will find the address and post soon). 

Simple, lovely and functional. Now get large push pins and hang your jewels like the art that they are! This is great because it puts everything in front of you, so you see all of your options. Hang necklaces, earrings, bracelets and whatever else is a part of your collection.

You and your jewels will look fabulous!


Anonymous said...

Any ideas for decorating fireplace mantles? I have a small mantle. Shold I put things on it or leave it bare?

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! Great ideas!

Anonymous said...

I just ordered a jewelry tray for my dresser drawer!