hot colors for 2008

Let me start this post by saying that I don't decorate my home, or my client's homes based on "what's hot," but, there are things that are popular now and they are what you will find in a lot of stores and magazines. I put them out there for you as inspiration only, not as a guideline for future decor.

Have fun with them!

High contrast. Black and white, which NEVER seem to go our of style, were hot in 2007 and are still going strong in '08. It's so classic, you just can't go wrong and who doesn't love a good contrast? Add in metallic, red or pink (or green like the great picture included) and the contrast is even sharper. Another stylish contrasting pairing is dark brown and blue. Somewhat overdone right now, but still so lovely. I love these curtains from Target.


Metallic. When paired with the high-contrast trend, metallic shines. Well, it always shines, but you know what I mean. Ladies, you know how a little gold or silver jewelery can make an outfit pop? Well, same goes for home decor. If you haven't tried metallic paint consider it—on an accent wall or as a wash over a dark color in a small space. It's not cheap, but most paint stores carry a selection of metallic paint now. It's so pretty! Of course you know silver picture frames grouped together or anything shiny on your walls will create the same look.

Crewel colors. I know this isn't as familiar as the first two trends, but you know these colors, they are rich cranberry reds, warm browns and pumpkin orange. Warm and cozy. I like adding these colors in in linens, on tables, sofas or even in a rug. Don't forget the floor! A rug can be a centerpiece.

Focus on green. Greens are being used with blues and tans for an earthy feel (reminds me of the beach). Any easy way to use green is to bring the outdoors in. Clip small tree branches and arrange them sparingly in a large vase for dramatic look (I clipped some long, soft evergreen branches that I've had in a vase for weeks now...they are very different and add great texture to my office). I also love the idea of painting several blank canvases similar tones of green and grouping them on a wall for dramatic, simple and affordable art. Here's a bedroom that does green very peacefully and a charming blue & green bathroom (with great metallic-framed mirrors).

Remember, your home should be a reflection of you—your family, lifestyle and budget. Don't be intimidated by trends, instead, use them to inspire and guide you.

All of this picture loading has me tired, must rest! 

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